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Dachshund and Children

The Dachshund has very strong a temperament, therefore you have to start training it when still a puppy otherwise, with its character, it will tend to dominate both other dogs and people. The Dachshund is very fond of its owner and the family members. This is a great...

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Dachshund toys

  BALL:   The Ball is one of the Dachshund’s favourite games. Take a small ball that it can safely put in its mouth, make let the dog to sniff it and then throw it. When the Dachshund brings you back the ball, you can reward it with many cuddles or with a...

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How to protect the dog from the cold

Do you want to find out how to protect the dog from the cold? With cold temperatures, we must be very careful of our Dachshund. Older dogs are the ones most threatened, those who suffer from some illnesses. The Dachshund develops the “cold feeling” through...

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